Child Custody and
Visitation in Colorado

The family law attorneys at Choice City Family Law, LLC. understand that your children are the most important thing to you.  We believe that having a stable and safe environment for children is the main objective in any child custody matter.  These types of matters can be extremely difficult and complicated.  Having an experienced attorney will allow you to focus on your children while we handle the legalities and direct you through the process.  We understand each family is different and needs individual attention to what they feel is most important.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities is the Court’s formal name for a child custody matter.  During this kind of matter Parenting Time, Decision Making and Child Support can be addressed.

  • Decision-Making – Major decisions are anything other than day-to-day decisions such as bedtime and hygiene routines.  There are different categories of major decisions, such as education, religion, medical, and extracurricular and recreational activities.

Decision-making responsibility can be awarded to one parent or both.  In some cases, decision-making will be split between the parents.  For example, one parent can make the major decisions about what school the children will attend, but the other parent can make medical decisions.  An experienced family law attorney can help you determine how and by whom major decisions should be made.

  • Parenting Time – While allocating parenting time, often referred to as visitation, a Parenting Plan will be prepared.  This will give parents a “road map” to the schedule of parenting time.  It will address regular parenting time, in the event of holidays, birthdays, and summer parenting time.  Having a Parenting Plan in place can greatly decrease the likelihood of conflict and provide structure for the children since the parents and children will know the visitation schedule.

In the event of a conflict, having a Parenting Plan in place will allow a parent the ability to enforce the provision.  A good Parenting Plan helps provide stability and consistency for parents and children.  Each family member has their own schedule.  Our attorneys help parents come up with a parenting time schedule that works for the family, so parents and children know where they will be each night.

  • Child Support – The visitation schedule and the income of both parents will be key factors to what amount of child support will be ordered.  Please visit our Child Support page for more information on this.

All aspects of an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities matter can be modified when there is a change in circumstances.  Please visit our Modifications/Appeals page for more information.

Enforcement of Parenting Issues

There are different processes to enforcing the different aspects of an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities matter.  If a parent is withholding parenting time or not following the visitation schedule, withholding child support, or making major decisions without the consent of the other parent when joint decision making has been awarded, the experienced family law attorneys at CCFL can help enforce the current orders.

Typically, enforcement matters take less time than the initial Allocation of Parental Responsibilities case.  If one parent is not following the Court’s orders, you do have options.  Please contact our office to discuss your situation and determine if filing an enforcement action will benefit your family.

Emergency Matters

Child custody and visitation in Colorado can sometimes raise concerns for parents who worry about the safety of their children. Having concerns about your child’s safety can be a gut-wrenching and frightening experience.  This can be compounded when it is the other parent causing the harm.  When an emergency happens, you want an attorney that you can trust to get the proper documents filed with the Court as quickly as possible.  Our family law attorneys have handled countless emergency matters and understand the complexity that comes with them.  Our number one goal is making sure your children are safe and protected.

If you feel that your children are in imminent danger during the parenting time of the other parent, please give our office a call immediately.  We can explain your options and help guide you through this difficult situation.

For Help Understanding Child Custody and Visitation in Colorado, Contact CCFL Today

The family law attorneys at CCFL are available to help you set up and enforce parenting time and decision-making orders.  Please contact us to discuss the best course of action for you and your family. We help clients across Larimer County, Weld County, Boulder County, and throughout Northern Colorado. We can also help resolve any other family law matter related to child support, property division, and more.

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